Faith Patrons 2011-2012

Steps of Faith Dance Studio LLC

The Alexandersens

Louis Tonsmeire Photography

Dr. and Mrs. Saunders Jones

Curtis and Joanie Morris


SOF Patron 2011-2012

Omega Patron:

Carina Fortin

Nancy Miller

Chris and Lisa Sward

Bethseda Church

Alpha Patron:

David Buran DMD

Bridie and James Goltz

Kevin and Laura Christ

Cheryl Kennedy

Brad and Stacey Wall

Marty and Carolyn Hamilton

Timothy Patron:

Marsha Lee

Ken and Katrina Champion

Colleen and Patrick Myers

Jack and Theresa Shampine

Action Electric Company

Cartersville Service League

Great Southern Music

James and Bridie Goltz


Looking forward....

Havent blogged in a year!  HAHA  Somehow I am not surprised.  Been a crazy year.  However, I am looking forward to how God is giving me much needed help this...

BRRR its cold outside and WARM at the studio

Classes resume today dispite the cold temps.  The heating is working fine and the pipes survived tha artic air.  See you this week!

Roselawn this Saturday

Dont forget our company performance for Timothy 3,4, Alpha and Omegas at Roselawn Arts and Crafts Fair this Saturday at 11am.  Last year's t2 and t3 meet us there...
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